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With as little as one 60 minute training session per week, you will notice immediate improvements. However it is important to constantly provide new challenges from one training unit to the next.

This is the only way you can optimize your brain power and make the benefits permanent.

You should train on a consistent basis, ideally once a week, under the instruction of a qualified Life Kinetik trainer. Only continuous commitment leads to the desired results. The human brain is reward-related, which means that only new challenges lead to better performance. And only continuous training of one hour a week without taking long breaks reaps lifelong benefits.

Life Kinetik benefits:

  • children develop more creativity and improve self confidence
  • students improve learning ability and concentration
  • athletes improve performance
  • working people better cope with stress
  • helps senior citizens to sharpen their senses
  • fewer mistakes

The many benefits of Life Kinetik have not been fully documented yet and studies are being conducted to generate scientific proof. However, we already know that Life Kinetik helps to improve fluid intelligence (innate intelligence). Life Kinetik also helps to improve perception and awareness and results in faster information processing.

A SimA study (“independence in old age”) conducted by Prof. Dr. Oswald clearly showed that physical and mental activity are effective means of dementia prevention.

Jürgen Klopp, Borussia Dortmund coach, says about Life Kinetik:

"Definitely one of the most interesting and exciting things I have encountered in my professional career in the past few years."

The results of Life Kinetik:

Life Kinetik makes opposite use of the fact that the brain controls the body. This program is based on gentle physical exercises, visual tasks and previously learned skills (cognitive elements) which force the brain to create new thought patterns, and this in turn supports a more flexible state of mind. Relaxing your mind and body system results in fewer mistakes and an increase in productivity.

Almost everyone benefits from one 60 minute training session per week in at least one of the following areas within a short period of time:

Life Kinetik: Champini


joy and happiness
school performance


Life Kinetik: Erwachsene profitieren


ability to remember
ability to recall information
stress resistance
ability to multitask
solving and overcoming problems
physical activity 

The social climate in any given group independent of age and of status (students, working people or athletes) also improves as the Life Kinetik exercises also effectively build group cohesiveness.